An Arrest of the Counter-Agitator

Izvestiya 11.02.00

Victoria Averbukh

At the end of last week, within the course of the investigation of several criminal cases, Deputy Head of Smolensk region Local Administration Yuri Balbyshkin was arrested. The deputy governor has not yet been charged officially, but “Izvestiya” found out that he might face an imprisonment under article 235, part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation – “abuse of power.” Shortly before his arrest, Yuri Balbyshkin sent a letter to “Izvestia” in which he threatened to sue the newspaper for libel. Below are the details in Victoria Averbukh’s report.

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An Experiment with Satanic Bias



The X-Files of Victoria Averbukh

In the Altai region, a verdict was delivered to the head of a religious sect Yuri Usov. According to the decision of the court, he will spend six years in the general regime penal colony. The expert committee decided that the new cult he had created was of “satanic-mystical character.” Below is Victoria Averbukh’s story about satanic sects in Russia.

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The Imposter Father

A professed priest kidnapped a Russian boy to Australia in secret from his parents

26-08-2005 “The person that I once loved is no longer a mother to me. I renounce any relations with her and her family. I have a father who replaced everything to me.” This letter is the only news she received from her son during the long 15 years. A son who had been kidnapped and taken away to another continent by a man who was not his relative, all with absolute connivance of the Russian and Australian authorities.

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Russian Orthodox convent in NY

Russian Orthodox Convent “Novo-Diveevo” is located approximately 24 miles north of New York City in Nanuet, NY. The founder of the convent was Archbishop Andrei of Rockland, then Protopresbyter Adrian (Rimarenko).
The convent has many sacred items as a a full-length portrait of St. Seraphim of Sarov painted during his lifetime, a cross from the Ipatiev House and two icons, which belongs to the last Russian emperor.

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