Russian New Year Traditions

I woke up at night. It’s a weird feeling when you wake yourself up quickly as if someone punches you at the back. I was about 9-year-old child, but still remember that night. I saw my daddy in his pajama, leaning over the New Year Tree. He tried to rustle gift wrapping as quietly as possible. I hid under the blanket and watched while he was laying out our presents. When he left, I wondered if I should first check the presents or go and shout proudly: “Aha, I knew that Father Frost was you, Daddy!”

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Who stands behind the new extremist organizations

Brown march

Victoria Averbukh, Rossiiskaya gazeta, № 76.


“Fascism is already in Russia. And it will be more severe than in Germany because there, it reigned for 12 years, while we have been taught hatred and violence for more than 70 years.” This is what a famous writer Victor Astafev wrote. The extent with which neo-Nazis march on our streets is shocking. Who stands behind the new extremist organizations?

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